The so-called 'real men' who give the entirety of their livelihoods and identities to women in exchange for sex and someone to talk to seem to think that they are in the position to question the masculinity of their fellow men and it reminds me of someone that I have come across who I will describe below:

This person married a divorced mother with two kids who is at least ten years his senior and the situation he is in now is that while his name is not on any of the paperwork he has given up the control of his entire income and free will in exchange for sex and companionship.

This person had the nerve to belittle my masculinity for the grave sin of being a man who sets standards and is consistent when it comes to his relationships with the opposite gender.

I will conclude with the point that it is these eternal children such as the person that I described who betray their own gender for the first woman who wants to sleep in the same bed as them. I suggest that people look over who they know within their social circles and remain steadfast in the mindset of MGTOW despite the attempts at social conditioning by women and lesser men.