So I got quite a surprise -

November 21, 2017

So this weekend I went for a holiday with a friend. On our way we found a heavily injured dog, which no-one seemed to care about. We stopped, the dog was heavily injured and really young so we carried him into the car and went to the nearest village to go the vet to help him. He had severe damage to his hindlegs and the village vet was more of an agricultural one and didn't have any xray stuff etc. We decided to interrupt our trip and just take care of the little guy.

So after a drive, smuggling him across a border we brought him to the vet in my hometown and turns out he needs a lot of surgery etc to get him back into shape. Seeing it's a young dog, I didn't consider not agreeing to the procedures and we have to pay for the first consultancy. First bill: 450 Euro's. Quite high, but affordable for me at that moment. However, the procedure for his legs etc were not included in the bill. They told us an estimation of about 2000 Euro's for the surgery and aftercare.

Ofcourse, I didn't have this money laying around and paying it from my next salary would mean I could only pay my rent and that was gonna be it. So I planned to go to the bank to get myself a credit for a year so I can get the poor fella the care he needs.

Now a female neighbour of me saw me coming, tired and frustrated and we talked. So she decided to start a fundraiser on facebook. I never even considered this, cause I don't believe people are willing to help random people.

However, in 3 days we already gathered 1250 Euro's for the poor dog, found him a new owner for when he's better. And, something I didn't expect was that we received 3/4 generous donations from women. It was the first time in a loooooong time that I actually felt obliged to thank a woman for what she did for me..

Just.. somethign I wanted to share.

Also: How can people be so cruel. The vet told us his wounds were between 2-3 days old. He was laying (unable to move) on the side of a very busy way, as it was only 20 km from the border. How can people pass by such a wonderful, innocent creature and NOT want to help him.. I am amazed by people's cruelty and generosity at the same time.

Edit: not asking for money, I'll be fine :)

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