My roommate is getting yelled at, by his girlfriend, for not wanting to go to church. He's been Atheist for 10 years.. They've been dating for 3. She tried to use me again, to pair sides with her, but after finding MGTOW, I just kinda laughed and went outside. "WOMEN WANT EXPECT CERTAIN THINGS, HE CAN'T HAVE KIDS, HE BOUGHT A HOUSE IN THE HOOD (we don't live in the hood) AND HE'S NOT READY FOR MARRIAGE!" The Red Pill inside of me wanted to blurt out, "Then why the fuck are you still sticking around?" But I've went my own way guys. I'm just in it for the entertainment, and constant reminder to GMOW. Y'all stay cool, and I know a couple of you asked for my Youtube MGTOW vids, but I need to go incognito a bit more before I release content. But it's coming. Love you dudes, have a stoked day. EDIT: But of course, he agreed to go to church. Im so fucking sick of being here.