Anyone else tired of women on social media?

My god, go to any woman's Instagram. It's the most fake, depressingly narcissistic thing I've ever seen. Here I am so happy to be drinking this margarita! Oh my god we are all so happy here at this concert all holding up our phones so the people in the row behind us can't even see! Happy happy happy! Here I am happy as shit to be sitting around with my friends #unforgettablefridaynights (group of women all big fake ass smiles on). Ha! Look at us happy goofballs in our silly Halloween costumes! That was so funny I'm laughing in the picture!

This is barely tolerable to look at, then the wedding bullshit comes......

If I had a nickel for every "it's Sarah's special day!" posts... Here's a picture of Bob proposing to Sarah with 500 people that don't know them watching! I'm so happy for you! (cringe). Here's Sarah wearing her bride to be sash and we are all so fucking happy for you #honoredtobeaconnor (cringe). Here we all are with huge fake smiles while Bob wipes cake on Sarah's nose! Silly Bob! #newlyweds Yay so happy!

Guess what ladies. Every woman in the developed world has her "special day" blasted so loud and clear on social media it's like a virus, and they all do the same shit, so you aren't special at all. And you act soooo happy in your photos but I've met you in person, you're a cunt.