Twitter, Facebook tic toc just permanently banned Trump and conservative voices off their platform. When Fox announced that they all are going on Parler Google deleted Parler from their App Store and Apple just gave Parler 24 hours to change their terms or they will delete them from their App Store as well.

When they deleted his account Trump posted on the official US Government twitter account where they can’t ban the account yet hours after his tweets twitter just deleted all Trump’s tweets from the US government account because since Democrats will control everything in two weeks they know they won’t face repercussions.

This is getting ridiculous and exactly what Trump said would happen. They didn’t ban all the people or media companies who endorsed the looting and burning down of police stations and buildings and courthouses all last year. Of the PC media making jokes last year when BLM tried to attack the White House and they heard Trump was moved to a safe location.

This is Nazis Germany. They forced you to conform or else and people just allowing it. This will only get worse. They are talking about making lists of all Trump supporters.