Couple of years ago i was listening to a radio station on the way to work and over the following weeks they had this competition where they got a group of women that won a spot on a plane to go to resort in Fiji for a week.

Now here is the kicker they got 5 "good boys" and 5 "bad boys" and they brought in each one in to do a interview and got a family member or best friend to say a few words about them blah blah blah but only one of these group of men would be joining the women in Fiji and the winners were chosen from public voting.

And you can guess which group won, the bad boys and you guessed it there was alot of drama at the resort about who was sleeping with who as there were about 12 women and 5 bad boys if i remember correctly

And what I found funny was the bad boys, one was a male stripper, one was a tanked as a gym bunny, one looked liked a gang banger with lots of tatts and one was a total player and was not afraid to admit it as his female friend was telling them about him not having a shortage a women at his house and some women always fighting each other over him, but meanwhile the "nice guys" were a bunch a blue pilled mangina's about how nice and respectful of women they were which was painful to listen to

So there you go no need to get a government grant to do a study about chad and how nice guys do finish last If they did the same competition where you live how do you think it would turn out?