Society keeps preaching that men should man up and wife up a woman and raise kids, but refuses to give the resources to even do this without insane sacrifices (single mothers get it easily though)

Let's ignore women's nature for a second... let's take a above average case for a man that is crazy enough to want a family.

Suppose that a man earns about 50,000 and the women won't go awalt.

In America, it costs about say 300 per month for lower end insurance for an individual (about 5000 deductable for me)...3600 per year... without co-pays ofc.

Gas? 30 dollars from 0 to full per week...130 per month...1560 per year

Necessary food and general goods? About 100 (low estimate really) per week for an individual...400 per month...4800 per year.

We are already at around 10,000 of the 50,000 for just the man himself already.

Now add the cost of a car, car insurance, house/rent, cost of upkeeping the house, increase in grocery bill (200+), weekly date nights, increases due to family health insurance plans, cost per kid (200,000 each), and anything else you want to add.

The man is already killing himself just to upkeep the family at the bare minimum...let alone what luxuries the women it kids want.

In the very best case the man will receive sex once every week to month depending on his wife's mood, a homecooked meal (which he could easily cook himself if he didn't work as much) and maybe a thank you every once in a while.

All at the low cost of everything, his entire existence...he can dream of could haves in the nursing home his family abandoned him at.

Now imagine this scenario with female nature.

Do not listen to tradecons, leave love in the place it started, dreams and entertainment.