So for those who do not know, Polish people really seem to like their Disco Polo.

Many of these songs are basically some dude singing about love or how pretty a girl is or how he wants to fuck her or something but there is always sexual context. The singers aren't that talented but the songs have to be catchy or have clever lyrics so they are danced to.

Clever lyrics would be "4 eighteens only in my car" which can be interpreted as 4 18 inch rims or 4 18 year old hot chicks. Accompanied by a catchy melody it became popular.

Anyway, polish guys seem really blue pilled to me. At least the ones I sometimes see on Facebook groups who are desperate af. My aunt was a 30yr old single mom and found a husband 🤷‍♂️.

But there are songs which scream red pill to me. "Mama ostrzegała" is a song about how mother warned her daughter that because she didn't choose any guy, she will stay alone when old. "Ona czuje we mnie piniądz" is about how guy gets a girl just by having money. As he mentions she feels/smeels money from him. "Małolatki" is about how young girls are easy.

But the again, plenty of bluepill songs 😂.