So I started a thread on a gaming forum to get some input from MGTWO on some aspects of the 'community' and problems it has with current laws etc.

Here is the thread for what it's worth.

My first question is about the validity of the claim that fathers have no legal and in many cases no social way to get out of having a child as long as the mother isn't willing to let them. Is this a claim that is positively provable? Is it is a provable claim I'd love to see the evidence, not to object but to verify.

My second question is about male body autonomy, is it true that men in the United States have no special protection from things like circumcision and Selective Service. Is this a provable claim, such as a court finding that a man/boy has no protection of their body?

My third and final question is about the state of marriage laws in the United States and their trends for or against men. I have seen claims by youtube channels like TurdFlingingMonkey, An Ear For Men, Aydin Paladin, and Feminism Kek that marriage is vastly biased to women as far as social and legal rights as well as divorce outcomes and rights. I live in the state of Indiana so I don't have to worry about alimony if I get married but I would like to know if there are some special or general horrors I should be on the look out for.

Thanks for the read, hopefully I can confirm some facts and get some data to prove to myself and others that there are actual problems for men.