The holidays are always a great source for red pills and this year was especially great.

I went to a coworker's Christmas party this year. He's a young guy and throws these frat house like parties. There were plenty of girls 22-25, and some older. The best part about it was that the girls were being completely avoided. All the guys were hanging with each other playing beer pong, chatting, and even dancing among themselves.
The girls were so neglected they were approaching guys and getting the cold shoulder. It was great. I knew the tables would turn but I didn't think I would start to see it so soon.

I was so proud to see these thots treated at their market value. 5-10 years ago when I partied men were like flies on shit with even ugly girls, now every guy was acting like Pence. Keep it up men!

Next story:

I was talking with my cousin this Christmas, she is about to start college next year and just dumped her nice guy boyfriend for Bad boy Chad. Her ex was honestly a great guy who was making good money and will make even more when he goes forward to his next chapter.

Problem is, he was a crier. I get it, he didn't know better. I told her she is going to find some bad boys who will treat her like shit and that like all women she will like it. She giggled, blushed, and tried to pretend it wasn't true.

She is pursuing a shit major too, and her friend who came with her to Christmas advised her to go to the Ivy League college near hers to find a rich guy. My cousin said, "Oh yeah true I could do that!"