The argument for MGTOW is strong. Feminism has affected women in the West so much, that avoiding marriage is logical for many. Singleness has been valuable throughout history - even when the West wasn't so degenerate.

However, some MGTOW only hold women to moral standards, while allowing men to live by amoral standards.

I think "the red pill" can be a strong tonic against modern degeneracy, but it can also be a placebo.

Sometimes TRP/MGTOW actually stops a man from reflecting on how his actions contributed to creating the Modern Woman problem. TRP/MGTOW is often great at analysing women correctly, but poor at self-assessment.

Many a man is aware of his previous "blue pill"/beta behaviour, and how it made him a slave to women, feeding their narcissism and degeneracy. But he often doesn't realise how his "alpha"/player behaviour also makes him a slave to women, still feeding their narcissism and degeneracy.


I think that men were most desperate for sex in their teens and women for relationships, then it flips in your 20s (men want relationships and women want sex), then it flips again in your 30s (men become cynical about love whereas women start to panic and idealise it).

If a guy hooks up with a girl at a party when he's 16, then sleeps with his girlfriend when he's 17, and then has sex with 2 or 3 girls when he's 18, then hasn't he contributed to setting up several girls for making the poor decisions in her 20s?

How surprised can he be, when a few years later, he falls in love in his 20s, with a woman who pair-bonded with another guy in another high school?

The modern man wants women not to act like whores in their 20s. But he's spent his later teenage years trying to make women act like a whore with him. Eventually he succeeds, and gets a girl to sleep with him. The girl is on the road to destruction. She has put herself onto it. But a guy has also helped her on her way.

Men who have left relationships and marriage behind don't necessarily help either.

It's one thing to blame the betas for rewarding narcissistic women with attention, but if a man "rewards" a woman with sex, isn't that 1000x as bad as just clicking "like" on her Instagram? And if he watches pornography, how is that much different from cuckoldry, given that both involve taking sexual pleasure from watching another man having sex with a woman coveted by the viewer?

Someone could argue that, because he derives pleasure from these activities, therefore the activities are fine, but that would be the exact same hedonistic argument as the "beta" makes.

Someone could argue that sex is an amoral topic by definition, but that would mean we couldn't find moral fault with women for their actions either.

Analysing women can be helpful and cathartic. I think it's only part of a wider issue, though.

While a man analyses how far the plague has spread, and what its symptoms are, and how to avoid catching it, he should be honest about how he helped to bring the rats into the village in the first place.