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"Somebody's Going To Marry This Bitch"

September 8, 2018

So this past week was welcome week at my university and I wanted to show my cousin (who's an incoming freshman) a good time and take him out to a few parties. 

We're out at a house party and we're shooting the shit having a few drinks. We grind on a few girls, and I see him walk away with one, so I let him be. The girl I was with was pretty drunk and wanted to go a bit further though. We go to a backroom and she sucks my dick and I play with her tits for a bit; she wants to go a little further, but I personally didn't feel comfortable having sex there (felt unhygienic and shit, lol). She teases me a bit that I'm missing out and she's "going to get some dick from someone tonight". I meet back-up with my cousin, he's pretty fucking drunk so we can't really go anywhere else for a bit, which was fine, because I was having fun there as it is and I saw a couple people that I knew walk in and caught up with them. I catch in the corner of my eye that the chick who gave me head earlier was pulling your stereotypical frat Chad bro into the same room, and you could tell by the way her hair was sprawled out and her facial expression when they got out that they had fucked. Now, I didn't give a shit, women can get dick on a whims notice, and it's next to impossible for me to get feelings for a slut. 

Time goes on, and this chick comes back and teases me on what I missed out on, I smiled and nodded, pretty much ignored she was even there to some degree. She seemed a little upset. We decide to go grab some food real quick with a couple other friends, and we come back to the party because my cousin really enjoyed it there. We've been back for 20 minutes, it was getting late by that point, and I already caught up with everyone there was to, but I stick around to help my cousin out since he's pretty close to blacking out. I shit you not, the same girl from earlier walks into a room with another guy, and surprise, surprise  —   they're hooking up. They walk out, and even my cousin who probably didn't know what the fuck was going on at that point jokes and says,

"There's no way that girl doesn't have herpes".

And that's when it hit me, and I kind of felt sick to my stomach to a degree. It wasn't just the fact that there was a guy who was willing to be the sloppy thirds of a bitch, and it wasn't just the fact that a girl was willing to hook-up with 3+ men in a single night. It's the epiphany that I came to  —  some beta cuck is going to marry this bitch. 

Now according to most women, since she's an "educated" woman, she is clearly very strong 'wifey' material and is simply expressing her sexuality and any man here who dare criticize that is a sexist, misogynistic rapist and is bitter and insecure. Only patriarchal rapists think a woman's sexual past has any bearing over how she will behave over the course of a marriage! 

Why is this relevant? Because even a lot of modern tradcucks have been pushing the whole "just marry an educated woman", because educated couples tend to divorce less. 

Here's why it's bullshit, even when negating my anecdotal story:

Increased Female Divorce Initiation

The initiation of divorce rises to 90 percent when the woman in the relationship has a college education. 


You're Probably Marrying a Slut

As documented by my anecdote, if you marry an educated woman, you're marrying a girl with a past, and it's going to be an extensive past that she'll conveniently forget when you question her about it. 

Over my time in college, I've developed a hypothetical logistical hookup model that models the promiscuity of women in college: 

Let's look at a conservative model. Say a girl goes out once a week, but she only decides to hook-up with a single distinct guy for each month. A single academic year is roughly 9 months, so that's 9 guys she's having sex with, at the very least, in a year. This means she's had sex with AT LEAST 30 different men by the time she graduates college. Keep in mind, this doesn't account for her partners from high school, time frames with higher levels of promiscuity such as spring break hook-ups where her sexual activity will spike, additional years of college needed to finish their degree (most people take more than 4 years), among other factors.


Educated Women Produce Less Children

Educated women fail to serve their primary purpose as wives, which is to produce babies.  Though I am fairly sympathetic to anti-natalism, I find it very idiotic to get married to a woman if she won't even give you the children in which was the fundamental purpose of marriage in the first place.


TL;DR: Don't be that beta cuck that marries the typical college slut; marrying an educated woman doesn't ensure you shit.

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