I’ve been noticing the treatment of sons lately. Why are sons given such a low deal in life?

Friend moved to north Georgia near ATL. He’s back in the next nearest town that’s way smaller than ATL. I can tell he is struggling. I don’t know how he got back over here. I looked at his sisters Facebook. Dafuq, she’s in Boston and looks like she’s living a good life with some dude.

Friend of mine, his sister went off to college and he worked at Wendy’s having his soul depleted. No job atm. Takes care of his dying grandfather. Idk where his sister is. Their father talked about disowning her. Broken family

Friend, drove beater after beater . Trying to move up at Walmart. Step sisters definitely living a better life.

My cousin. Struggling to find a job in his field of psychology. Of course, hard field to find a job. He drove from Georgia to Texas for a job interview. Drives an old suburban while I know his sister drove a newer mustang in high school. She has a job in ATL, and got tired of him living with her at a point even though he actually cooked and did some work around the house.

Wtf? Are sons treated like shit or what? I think it’s like expected that sons just figure it out all on their own while daughters are just given a free ride. Shit like this makes me red pill rage again. Unless a man grows up in a rich and wealthy family, he’s damn near doomed. I see it all the time. The wealthy guys from wealthy families driving a new Jeep, pickup, or sports car, and the non-wealthy driving a beater that could possibly explode at any minute, while their sister is given everything and a free ride to only blow it. It’s crazy.