No joke guys...So I have about 10 good guy friends...all in their 30s-50s...You gotta hear 4 of their profiles (don't want to ramble too much)...#1 is married, but hasn't been laid in years (like 10+)...He told me straight up that if I like sex to never marry. He has a great 100K+ career and is a decent-looking guy. #2 had a girl who left him when he was broke and then came back like 1.5 years or so later when he had a solid job. They will be marrying next summer sometime. #3 did 10 years in the Marines and helped her raise 3 kids...I just found out he is living in a trailer in front of their house and has been living there for the last 3 years, he is not unfaithful, just some stupid drama went down and he's just taking it like a good provider in this society...#4 might be my worst one. Marries a beautiful religious girl from a supposedly good family. They have 2 kids...Haven't seen him in over 5 years and he looks completely stunned and crushed now though he's a handsome tall guy and used to be the life of the party. He's working like an animal and she kicked him out of the house because she wants to be a housewife, but she spends waayyyyy more than he makes each month...What's even worse is that out of the 6 guys who were sitting at my hang-out tonight, all of whom were <35, 3 were divorced (1 was #2 and 1 was #4 and 1 was me, never married...late 30s...had a Spidey Sense for a long, long time and stayed extremely cautious...)...What's unreal is that 2 of the guys were divorced inside of 12 months? LOL 12 months? What could you guys "see" in 12 months that makes you or your wife run for the hills? Not a judgment, but it's a real problem -- and I think also that the single motherhood rate (>60%) proves that these women just don't care about men these days...Another reason why I avoid single mothers like the plague...Don't reward bad behavior...and don't raise some other dude's kids. Oh and btw I know multiple women personally -- like 4 -- who have multiple kids from multiple fathers...and they're all pretty and fit and fairly young and could easily have found a man to settle down with "until death do us part," but perhaps that would have been too easy? Is drama the goal?