What is baffling to me is that they didn't know there are surveillance cameras in the bus and in all public transportation? WTF? And stuck to this story and even plead _not guilty? What PLANET are these women from?

And they also could have gotten the white men they accused beaten or even killed by the brother of one the girls who was making threats and from anyone black everywhere! This just shows once again that just because your MGTOW it isn't enough!

And you still need to be concerned about getting anywhere near women in public- public transportation now sadly is out of the question for any white person's safety, especially white men because of all of the racial hatred being generated by the mainstream news every second of the day for years and years.

Just taking your young children to the park will get you falsely accused and a police report, working with women- extremely dangerous, dealing with female neighbors (try not to even make eye contact) or any situation anywhere where you are alone with a female such as answering ads for items for sale on line or if you're selling anything on line that needs to be picked up in person, tell any female callers it's already been sold.

Just getting into any disagreement or argument with a female employee or customer in a store might end up in getting you arrested because the females won't hesitate to INSTANTLY make a false accusation because women are so extremely spiteful, man hating and vindictive with all the character of cockroaches or even assault you and of course we all know what happens when the police arrive.. say bye-bye to freedom for a while and bye bye to your clean record.

My rule is to always, always avoid women COMPLETELY - if you see them coming towards you simply walk in a different direction, etc. The only females I talk to are family and even that is not safe.