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Take it Easy like Luigi!

June 11, 2018

This should be required listening for all!



I know you think you love her, but dude it's such a bummer

How you chase that girl around

You've been fighting all her battles, if she's really worth the hassle

You'd be living in the castle by now

And it makes me sick how you break these bricks

For a girl who barely knows you exist

Now you're tripping on mushrooms just for fun, dude...

I think you've got a problem


Mario get your [coin] together bro

You've got to know this princess isn't worth these extra lives

Just let her go (go go) Mario, you're a next level bro

And she's a jump too short when the clock is running low

Hey Mario! Get your [coin] together

Hey Mario! Or you'll chase this [coin] forever

[Verse 2]

Warp zone, friend zone, high score

No more stalking this chick in a Koopa-Troopa town

Live life easy like Luigi, ain't never let a Ho get him down!

Let Koopa keep her bro, grab a flower and go

We'll jump the flag pole and light up the night

Hit rainbow road with Toad, we spinning them tires...

And spitting hot fire

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