I've noticed a lot of us out here tend to be a closed book when it comes to the MGTOW lifestyle. They say that it's better to just keep quiet when people ask about it. I kind of feel the opposite way. I've been asked about it before, by both men and women, and the resulting conversations have been mixed. A male friend of mine was going through a bad breakup and was suffering terribly. His esteem was in the dirt. So I felt as his friend I should try to help. I sent him links to the misandry bubble, the red pill Constitution, and to MGTOW. He said it made him see things differently, and it made him realize that he wasn't alone and it opened his eyes. So one could say I helped create another red pill man, something I'm pretty proud of. Women on the other hand, I find it so much fun to explain all this to. It's such a broad spectrum of reactions that it kinda blew my mind. Some agreed, they said they knew it was this way and they could see why men went MGTOW. Others asked me if I had my heart broken or if I was bitter. Which is what I figured I'd get 100% of the time. Some got legitimately angry. One even said "it doesn't work that way. You can't just take your ball and go home!!" Actually honey, I just did. Some see this as some sort of messed up challenge. Like they wanna be the one who got you to submit. I liken it to wanting to be the guy in jail that killed jeffrey dahmer. Everyone wants to be the man that beat the man. Or in this case, the woman who beat MGTOW. They throw hail Mary plays in desperate attempts to win you over, and then go to shaming tactics when they don't. It's really quite funny in a George Costanza pathetic kinda way. I guess my point is that we shouldn't feel like we have to be ashamed or hide what we believe. And I feel this huge misunderstanding on what MGTOW really means to us is largely due to our reluctance to discuss it. The only way we can make people understand is to put it on the table. With no apprehension whatsoever. Be proud of the choice you made, it's making you a better person. Don't be afraid of what people will think about your decision. Don't be afraid of hearing dissenting viewpoints because that's what MGTOW is about. We ourselves are a dissenting opinion, and to disregard others opinions no matter how misguided, is akin to doing the very thing we advocate against. So don't hide who you are, wear it proudly. People may disagree, but who cares? They do not control your destiny, you do. And, even if you listen to them, renounce MGTOW and enter into a marriage only to be fleeced in courts and lose everything, they'll be the first to point out that you did this to yourself.

Be proud of who you are. Never censor yourself. Never hide because of how others might see you.

MGTOW and proud of it.

And yes, I totally botched the heading for this post. So get your laughs in now. Lol