Thank you and you're welcome. I salute from a MGTOW in rebooting his life.

March 25, 2018

Short and sweet...

My respect for many of you is huge. My endorsement of your chosen direction is wholehearted. My compassion for your accounts of survival is from my heart. And as a MGTOW I must cut off all unnecessary online time. I must focus on the basics of rebuilding my life from scratch, after life has taught me many hard lessons that I did not fully appreciate as the same lesson from my parents of a generation ago. I am still paying for my childhood foolishness, the scars are too plain to ignore, and I cannot afford to live MGTOW part-time. I must get serious about taking care of myself, and for me, that includes being strict with my time spent online. I don't know how many of you will understand the need to go offline until I am better disciplined for long-term success. I can just tell you that working hard with nothing to show for it sucks big donkey dick, and I must master myself and my habits, to overcome this load on my shoulders of paying 70% of my paycheck to people and entities I will never benefit from. Bottom line, I need to stockpile cash and practice delayed gratification for as long as it takes until I have financial control of my own life again. And that means hard choices about who I give my time to and what forms of conversation will not come back to bite me in the future.

I mean no offense to anyone of the MGTOW lifestyle in this temporary, albeit open-ended, direction. I simply want to get back to being a homeowner, with toys and things that make me happy, with my retirement needs provided for, with zero debt and zero obligations to other people and entities. Also, understand that nobody here has offended me or is chasing me off. I just want to make this journey back onto the road to success as fast as possible, with no distractions from people or things.

I have enjoyed this interaction and will again. Who knows what MGTOW forums will resemble in the future. But I do challenge each of you with MGTOW in your lifestyle to remain one in your core values, while being flexible toward another man's choice of how he lives it.

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