I watched David Attenborough discuss his observation of a massive Male Stag bettle. He climbed a tree with his large male fighting horns. He would encounter small Beetles of same species, grab them without warning, and throw them off the tree to what I assume was their doom. He did five beetles before he got to the top of the tree to reach its summit where the male loves to be. Took him all day nearly.

At the summit, he found the female, a smaller beetle. His horns and larger body formed a cage, she couldn't escape and wanted it anyway. As soon as he rooted her, he then proceeded to throw her off the tree too, and the female was unharmed as they evolved to fall 50+ metres back first and take no real damage. David said wrongly: "but old habits die hard".

It was only then I realised all 6 smaller beetles were females, and David struggled to see that this mgtow Stag beetle just wanted these pests off his tree...

There doesn't appear to be simping in the Stag Beetles.