What I've noticed about women who say: "I want a nice guy" but who decide to date an asshole instead is nothing short of paradoxical. Well, that's what I though in the past. The truth that I see is that women like that actually want an alpha male that is pretty much their bitch.

They want this beast, that is strong willed, dominant and take shit from no one, that they can put a leash on and control. I mean, why so many women like that say, "Oh I wish I had a nice guy" yet next day come back to the guy who beats the shit out of them?

That's because deep inside they believe they can change, thus control such an aggressive man, when in reality chances for this are slim to none.

Think of the dragon analogy. You know what power dragon has, you want to tame it. But you also know, dragons can't be easily controlled, so they can roast your ass big time. But that selfish lust for power is driving you to keep on trying.

Some women grow out of this mindset and decide to settle down. Others, however, still believe in fantasy and keep on suffering. Which doesn't make me sorry for such one bit.

Is this in anyway accurate, or am I just talking bullshit?