It's amazing how vastly different my views on dealing with women is now compared to what it was before.

Now I understand things that I never even considered before.

A woman sees a man as a resource she must acquire and use without him ever realizing that he is being used.

The only 3 tools she has are

a, her looks b, her sex c, her personality

The third tool is often never developed, so she relies on the first 2.

So this is a case of a parasite that must fool the host into not noticing it is a parasite. That or fool the host by attacking it with so much distraction that it doesn't have time to notice the parasitic activities going on.

Hence why they shit test, emotionally drain the man, never happy and always stirring up drama so the man doesn't have time to assess what is really going on. They may all even be doing this at the subconscious level.

This is another reason they are eternally insecure, questions like do you love me? And statements like promise you will never leave me, are often heard from her.

Traditionally it is understandable that she needed support in the past. Social structures of the past demanded that she be taken care of as and when she bares children, looks after and weans these children and take care of all the household chores and responsibilities.

Not so of the modern woman, NO!!! She is oppressed and discriminated against if she is expected to do any of those traditional roles. She wants her money hence she wants a job but not the stress or demands of the very competitive job environment.

She wants to be sexually liberated as a Man, forgetting that men have to work extremely hard to get sex. She doesn't, she just needs to show up, shut up and spread her legs whenever she wants sex. Not so for a man, he needs to wine, dine, entertain her, make sure he doesn't spoil her mood, and even then and after all that he still may not get the sex he seeks, add that to the fact that he may be "metooed." She always reserves the right to scream rape if she feels hard done by for any reason, real or imagined.

This now sets the stage for a perfect storm of delusion. She wants someone to commit to her yet she wants to ride the C@uk Carousel. She wants to be strong and independent, yet wants somebody - a man, or the state, to bail her out and make her mistakes vanish with no consequences.

Her body count rises with ease whilst she convinces herself that men too "do it" sleep around and are celebrated for sleeping around, not knowing that in reality, no, men don't do it.

Our physiology and psychology are different. For a man to sleep around consistently, it is literally a Full time job. The resources, energy and focus (Game) required to spin plates of women simultaneously is immense, hence very, very few men can be a Casanova. In contrast, sleeping around for a women is as easy as a decision. So purely on the effort required on both sides men would be applauded and women will be denegraded.

The most valuable thing a woman can offer a man is exclusivity. She passes herself around, gets used by every d*ck whilst deluding herself that she will eventually find a man to wife her up and make all her body count amount to naught as soon as the poor unsuspecting bloke puts a ring on it.

That however is not where the story ends does it? She is now married (Luckily might I add) she is however, try hard as she may, unable to pair bond. After having taken so many d@cks of different shapes and sizes, had men of different shapes and sizes, and have all these DNA swirling up in her. She thirsts for what she knows from personal experience is out there.

The modern woman doesn't however take responsibility for anything, she simply looks at her "husband" the one who innocently committed to her, the one who claimed her when others that know her past, or can read her wouldn't. She now looks at that guy as the source of her dissatisfaction and unhappiness. What does she do? She starts to cheat on him, convincing herself that it is all his fault. Why is he so boring, why doesn't he f#ck her like Chad? Or Tyrone? Why can't he get her to cum hard like she did when she had 6 men run a train on her?

It is his fault!!! He is not man enough, because if he was she would obviously not need to keep cheating on him. Now look what he has made her do, made her become. She sneaks around, she lies, she becomes extremely manipulative and eventually begins to despise him. She gets her fix regularly on the girls night outs, it's easy, he on the other hand has to wait for her to be in the mood which is increasingly becoming extremely few and far between.

He eventually starts to suspect her movements, he calls her out on it, at this stage she couldn't care less what he thinks and she tells him so, but all he has are suspicions and no hard evidence. It is only a matter of time though, he gets that concrete evidence. He withdraws from her, their marriage becomes hell on earth.

Only one of two things can happen at this stage. If he has any shred of dignity and strength left he will leave her. Or she divorces him, like 70% of women do going by the divorce statistics. She divorces the shell of the man he was, what he is now, after enduring all the sh*t that comes from being the innocent fool who thought he was doing good by putting a ring on it. His penalties however doesn't stop there, he is drug through the Family court where she is awarded cash and prices, alimony, child support, even half his pension all because he said yes to "love".

Wait!!! But she is the one who cheated! She is the one who broke our marriage vows!!! Nobody cares, nobody, especially the courts and the State. He is made to pay her with the full force of the Law. Pay or go to Jail, he is told, he looks over at her and the team of Lawyers that came with her, the team of Lawyers he has to pay for. There she is all made up looking as innocent as an Angel. His mind wanders and remembers that same face contorted into the scariest hellish fiend one can imagine the last time she came at him, teeth barred, snarling and fingers shaped as claws.

He shakes his head to concentrate on the here and now, he has lost everything, even custody of the children. While she has everything plus the sympathy of everyone, even society, and all he is told is "Man up!" not all women are like that, choose better next time.

Ok I will he says to himself, I will choose alright, as he pulls up his trousers, picking them up from his ankles, where they were when he was bent over, being f@cked by the system.

I will he promises himself. I will survive, and I will choose better next time.

I will choose not to commit next time.

I will choose not to cohabitate.

And I will choose to go my own way.

Another MGTOW is born.