The plague in my region is growing

September 6, 2016

A little background on me. I go to one of the best A-level schools ( basically like the second half of high school) in my country (Pakistan). An english lang course in our list of subjects is a must.

I figure it's no big deal, especially since i've taken other stem subjects and we don't even have to give an examination for Eng lang. Unfortunately to my dismay, I realize the teacher is a textbook feminazi.

Today we were supposed to analyze and describe about a text paragraphs. One of the features of this paragraph was that you didn't know their genders. There was this line about the person complaning about parking and the one of the gys said that it could be a woman. Cue an immediate " that's sexist" comment by the teacher (this was repeated two times lator on) and a brief explanation about the "joys" and "liberation" of feminism.

And I have to attend this class for the rest of my academic years.

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Title The plague in my region is growing
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