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The Purpose of Marriage

December 20, 2018

Recntly, I made a thread that triggered dozens of roasties and women in which I advised the best scenario for marriage is one in which the woman is getting married as a virgin (or has only had sex with the man shemarries).

I felt it was important to clarify the actual purpose of marriage, especially at a sub-conscious level (but potentially even conscious level when viewing it from a long-term perspective).

Marriage is not and never was about love or companionship.

It's not about growing old with "the one" (as nonsensical and retarded of a notion that is constantly spewed in children's movies), and it's not even about having a stable source of sex. Marriage is about creating an optimal environment in which you can propagate your genes and raise and develop the carrier of those genes to be the best fit for the environment for their survival and reproduction as they can be.

People criticized my argument that virgin marriages are more stable in that these marriages are not happy - or that they lack excitement. I'm going to ignore how most people ignored the alpha male harem formation argument, but that's their own problem. But nevertheless...

That's not even a part of my argument, want to know why? Because a very small minority of marriages, regardless of its various innuendos or characteristics, will ever have that "Notebook" ending. Most 'successful' marriages grow to have two people tolerate each other typically, and potentially to be "good friends" at best. These couples hardly have that intense feeling of needing to be with each other or infatuation when they first met, and many would likely be at peace of mind with less interaction with their spouse.

If you're getting married, you shouldn't hope or expect for a 'happy' marriage; you might as well hope/expect to win the lottery then. You should hope to have a stable marraige, but even then that's fairly overly-idealistic in today's world.

The only reason a man should be getting married today is if he absolutely feels he 'needs' kids, and that he has completely ruled out the option of a surrogate mother.

However, if you're here, then you don't have to worry about this bullshit. You understand that marriage was and always was a form of Gynocentric exploitation for male slavery and domestic communism.

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