There are numerous things that lead MGTOW astray as well as things that encourage us and lead us to freedom. A better examination of these things can help us understand if this is the other for you and what to look out for as you will be tempted to break away from your path. I stress this is your path because the point is not to follow us, but to learn, grow and carve out your own path.

Let’s begin with that which leads us astray.

School, Work and Community

Family and Friends

Sex and Romance

Lack of knowledge


Yes, I actually listed MGTOW as something that will lead you astray from MGTOW. And I’ll get to that shortly. School, work and community for an important element in your life. You spend a lot of time with these people and you learn on each other for support. These can easily be positive things, when they encourage you to learn, grow, improve and become successful. It is by cooperating that we can achieve more than any individual. But, the dependency on these communities is dangerous. Why you might ask? This is where many pick up bad habits. Excessive drinking, smoking, drugs and criminal behavior can often be the influence of others. Group dynamics have a tendency to silence questions and individuality. School, work and community is also likely to be the place where people will continually ask you who you’re sleeping with, dating, and if you’re married or have a family. Thus many feel the pressure do follow others if for no reason other than group acceptance. And therein lies the problem. It’s one thing to see the value in your decisions, it’s another to merely follow others.

Family and friends are the next temptation. As you get older, family will consistently ask you who you’re seeing and eventually ask you when you’re getting married and starting a family. Notice there’s no concern about if you want these things in your life or what is your view. Friends may do the same, but this influence comes in the form of showing off their success. Friends will boast about their success. So, we know the type that is compelled to tell everyone how many women he has slept with. The same goes for people who are in long term relationships or get married. They’re going to continually attempt to sell you on this idea. Afterall, married women prefer to limit a man’s exposure to others that she doesn’t approve of and who are not married. She needs a blanket of security and a group of married men will pull each other down like crabs in a barrel. The single man on the other hand will expose you to the reality of the world and help build you up. So it’s no surprise that a married woman hates these men. Family does this in an attempt to gain grand children, but to also burden you with responsibility so you naturally fall into place within the family hierarchy. Now, this doesn’t mean family and friends are inherently bad. Good family and friends are there to list you up and support you. They can give you solid advice and keep you from making horrible mistakes as well as motivate you to peruse your passion. But with everything, it can cause problems if it is corrupted and lacks the proper structure.

Sex and Romance is an issue that MGTOW discusses at great length. Why is it so powerful? Because we are designed to seek them out. Sex and romance can easily be wonderful things when each adheres to a complimentary role and there are rules in place to prevent either from abusing the other. This is the argument from those who claim not all women are bad or NAWALT. And they’re not entirely wrong. However sex and relationships have been corrupted and are essentially viewed as criminal acts. I don’t need to go into great length as you can easily search men who were charged with false accusations. However, it needs to be said that even a man who has absorbed the MGTOW message can still fall victim to the seduction of romance and sex. Why? Because your brain processes them similarly to how you process sugar or narcotics. The reward centers in the brain are so focused on these that it will shift your whole view of reality. Afterall, without this chemical high, why would people sacrifice so much for sex and a partner? This is also the reason why women become damaged overtime as too many partners alters the brain and makes her resistant to the chemical high produced when enjoying a new partner. This translates into the feeling of love not being as potent with her 50th lover as it was with her first. Many attempt to isolate themselves and avoid this. However this can cause a relapse after a few months or years. Why? Because just like we have a need for community and to have bonds, we have a need for sex and partnership. We naturally seek these things out. If you’ve experienced them... you understand this all too well. Some describe it as a void. This is why it’s important to understand yourself and your needs. To completely ignore your needs is to invite disaster. You may go back or even find yourself seeking extremely unbalanced relationships because of the way you ignored your needs.

Lack of knowledge is an important factor that leads many astray. Why you may ask? Because MGTOW is not only watching women’s behavior, but the cultural messages and the legal system. This is a lot to take in and understand and overlooking this can cause you to think you’ll be safe if only you do XYZ. We’ve al heard it before. Why don’t you just get a prenup, or a paternity test. Why don’t you always use a console or create consent videos. It’s good that people are testing the waters. However with every attempt it is made painfully clear that the goal is to keep men enslaved and ignorant. If you notice, many divorced or court cases with women seek a man’s silence about the issue so he can’t warn others. It is also why the news has been found blatantly lying to us for decades and why social media and YouTube are not attempting to censor and control speech. Knowledge is liberating and creates freedom. However knowledge makes people difficult to control and manipulate.

Lastly I want to return to how MGTOW will lead you astray. First we have to consider we have many voices here. New vs old, moderate vs extreme, Red pill rage and philosophical MGTOW. Each has their purpose and place. However it is the desire to find a new community within MGTOW that can drive many away. Why? Because MGTOW should never be about community in the traditional sense. One of the most important elements of MGTOW is for you to be your own man and carve out your path in life. This means that it’s natural to find others who disagree with you. Take red pill rage as an example. Men need a place to vent. Many have been hurt by women, the community and the legal system. If all these men need is a place to vent their frustrations, they are welcome to it. While their message can be very extreme, there is still some truth to be found there. Others are more moderate and are what some might call purple pill. They gain some MGTOW knowledge but behave in a way that defies MGTOW. Examples of this are: tradcons, trad thots, PUA, etc. The message I have here is that there will naturally be things that you find distasteful. But you don’t throw out everything because you disagree with one point. Instead, you absorb all you can from MGTOW and use it to help you put together your own life philosophy.

Now that I have covered the pitfalls, I now want to highlight the promise. MGTOW is a personal path to freedom and fulfillment. The moment you seek to merely follow others, you miss the fundamental point of it. MGTOW requires: passion, will, knowledge, and balance. You need the passion to uncover the truth of this world, even while others tell you happy little lies. You must devote time to discover what holds meaning for you and what you can devote yourself towards. Many ask, without women... what is there? You’ve eliminated a major element of life for most people. But you need something to give you purpose, meaning and fulfillment. This is not a simple undertaking and requires a lifetime of constant introspection. You must identify that which excites you and move forward in the pursuit of that passion. You must also be honest with yourself and know when it’s time to move on and try new things. With introspection comes an understanding of yourself and the need for balance. The very things that lead us astray highlight the fact that we are ignoring basic needs and desires. What does this mean? If you are removing a basic need or desire from your life, you need to substitute something. As TFM (Turd Flinging Monkey) lies to say, “Just get a doll”. There’s some truth in this. If you have a desire for sex and physical intimacy... it only makes sense to find a safe substitute that allows you to address this need instead of ignoring it. This is why balance is important. You are on the road to carve out your own path. You may follow others for a time, in order to better understand your choices. But the time will come when you must create your own path. This is a struggle, but there’s meaning and fulfillment in it. Balance must be a focus for you in this as without it you are likely to become exactly what you rebelled against. The tyranny found in women and society is the very thing you rebel against. But if you’re not careful you will look at your brothers with that same mentality.

And so, I leave you with this...

It is through passion that I gain knowledge and strength. Through that knowledge and strength I gain the power to take action. It is that power that enables me to rise to victory. With each victory I find freedom. And in this freedom I find myself surrounded by the world I have built.

I wish you all well in your trials and accomplishments as you identify what this life holds for you.

Gentlemen... Good Journey!