My buddy (since grade school) who moved away a decade ago called me yesterday and after shooting the shit for a while he started opening up about his marriage and how things have devolved to the point where he is considering divorce. At least in the abstract (they have kids so it's complicated).

He has mentioned several times over the last few years that things had worsened but as of late it has gotten really bad.

He talked for a while about her growing phone addiction and bad attitude, lack of sex, mean demeanor with the kids, etc. He then told me about the several hour long argument and uncomfortable silence that followed that he came home to after work that day. I sympathized and he expressed a longing for the days of coming home after work to peace and quitet as well as freedom, of which he has lost since having kids and his marriage taking a turn for the worse.

And then it happened. "What did you do after work today?" he asked me.

I debated internally cause I love the dude and I didn't want to make him feel worse but at the same time maybe the contrast between his day and mine might help him in making a decision about what to do going forward (I'm divorced and live alone).

And so I answered honestly: "Worked out then got stoned and played my drums along to Slayer's Reign in Blood album."

The several seconds of silence afterwards said it all.

We as men have a choice to make: Slavery or freedom. I hope to see him on this side of things eventually but he has kids so I know it's not that simple. At least we mgtow dudes made it to the other side :)