If you are afraid to die, the State can threaten you with death. If you are not afraid to die, this threat is ineffective and ultimately worthless. Therefore, if you want to be free from Statist slavery, you must first lose your fear of dying.

It is your strong belief that death does not matter, and that other things are more important, that places you above others. You will automatically either die, or else rise to the top. For example, divorce rape plays on your fear to die. Divorce rape is not possible on men who are not afraid to die. The State would very quickly learn to back off instead. In fact, Statist personnel is known to be very afraid of dying.

It is the very concept of traditional honour that makes the difference. In the past, men would rather die than to be dishonoured, because they somehow knew that as soon as you lose your sense of honour, you will lose absolutely everything.

Religion teaches you that this life does not matter much, because things get decided only in the next one. A lot of men die after a divorce rape, because they commit suicide. These men are not religious. That is why they fail to leave head up high.