The original post here.

Prepared the food, cleaned the shit out of the house, had planned to eat, hang out for a bit, then go check out some fireworks at a local park, where thy'd also set up a slot car race track. We used to set one up all the time, thought it might be good for a laugh. Then home to play some vidya.

He never showed up. After an hour of being late, I called. No answer. Tried to get him through various other methods, no luck. After about four hours I got a text that just said 'Sorry dad. Other plans. I'll have to ask mum when I can come next'.

First time I'd cried in a while. Him not being here was the trigger, but it's the whole shitshow - the politics, lack of respect, the games - it's all just too much sometimes.

To the women who lurk here: we don't hate all of you. Just the ones we've met.