I have a fairly unique red pill perspective compared to many because I am a triplet. I have two sisters that share my birthday who have been there every single step of the way. We have been together in virtually all aspects of our lives right the way from nursery up to the end of high school before going our separate ways for college. We all attended the same schools and often shared classes.

Having sisters the same age offers an interesting insight into female behaviour, I see all the nasty, I know their tactics and the shit all their friends get up to. I love my sisters dearly, and we share a very close relationship, but the red pill truths shine through. Can talk about it more in the comments if people have questions.


My question to you lot is:

How have your feelings about close female family members, or your interactions with them, changed since discovering red pill/MGTOW? I'm particularly interested in hearing about sisters or close cousins of the same/similar age.