On a road trip with my mother, grandmother, and sister. Listening to them talk about the dumbest fucking inconsequential things:

"That hat looks great on you! Do you think this lip gloss looks nice? I wonder what living in that town is like. Oh wow, I didn't know that! He is soooo cute. Like, I literally can't imagine life without him. What did you think of that new movie La La Land? I know! It was so good, wasn't it? I was just dying at that one part. Have you ever tried gardening? I wouldn't even know where to start. I love cheesecake. I know I shouldn't eat it, but it's a guilty pleasure! You know how it is! Please. Don't tell me you don't indulge every once in awhile. Guys! We need to stop soon, I am soooooooo hungry! Have you been to Chipotle?? No, I swear it's amazing. Seriously! Rob doesn't like to go there, but I like it. Have you seen Derrick lately on Facebook? He makes dumb posts sometimes, but I think he's really sweet. I saw Miley on the Today Show yesterday. My friend doesn't like her, but I've always been a big fan. Hey, does everyone have sunscreen? I heard the UV rays can get really bad, especially this time of year. Angela had a baby, and I'm so happy for her. They're getting a house soon, actually. No, I don't think he knows about it. Have you been to Kole's recently? I swear they changed their stock. I know that place inside and out. Oh, I have to show you this video. Mom, you'll just LOVE it!!"

Dumb clucking hens. Shut the fuck up.