Right now, MGTOWs are largely flying under the radar and much of the heat is being taken by the PUAs/TRPs. Before it was just shaming and ridicule of these "misogynist losers" (I agree that they are losers of the gynocentric variety for the most part), but now the actual fight has begun. Argentina has made Street harassment illegal. Portugal has done the same just two months ago. In many cities and localities where PUA culture is thriving (Toronto, NYC, etc), legislation is being discussed on outlawing this behavior. Of course, the top 20% of males and ex-cons who had nothing to lose anyway (there is a surprisingly a large intersection between the two groups) will continue to approach and be successful with the 80% of women. This legislation is only designed for the bottom 80% of males, of which PUAs and TRPers undoubtedly fall into, also known as "creeps" when they make their presence known to women and potential "patriarchal" rapists. Otherwise, they are meant to be invisible asexual creatures and should not dare break the social order.

As this gains steam in the Western world and legislation implemented, I imagine many men will be forced to become MGTOWs whether they like it or not. We will also become public enemy number 1 to tptb and women. I imagine things will get very interesting at that point. What are your thoughts on this matter?