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Understanding why people are so shitty...

July 15, 2018

For a long time I wondered why the vast majority of Humans are so shitty to each other for no real long term gain. In the long run, their most frequent victim is themselves.

I was checking out Psychology theories and whatnot, and stumbled across "The theory of positive disintegration" by a Polish guy named Kazimierz Dąbrowski.

Unfortunately he is dead, but I believe that his model is vastly superior and vastly more RP than Maslow's. Basically Dabrowski ends up argueing that there are 5 levels of personal development that Humans can advance through.

The big problem is that nearly everyone in the mainstream world is at level 1. What's the description of L1?;

`"The first level is called primitive or primary integration. People at this level are often influenced primarily by either prominent first factor (heredity/impulse) and/or second factor (social environment) forces. The majority of people at Level I are integrated at the environmental or social level (Dąbrowski called them average people); however, many also exhibit shades of both impulse and socialization. Dąbrowski distinguished the two subgroups of Level I by degree: "the state of primary integration is a state contrary to mental health. A fairly high degree of primary integration is present in the average person; a very high degree of primary integration is present in the psychopath". Marked by selfishness and egocentrism (both reticent and explicit), those at level one development generally seek self-fulfillment above all, justifying their pursuits through a sort of "it's all about me" thinking; or, more simply put, they adhere strongly to the phrase "the end justifies the means", sometimes disregarding the severity of the "means". Many people who are considered "leaders" often fall into this category.

A vast majority of people either do not break down their primitive integration at all, or after a relatively short period of disintegration, usually experienced at the time of adolescence and early youth, end in a reintegration at the former level or in partial integration of some of the functions at slightly higher levels, without a transformation of the whole mental structure.[8]`

This PERFECTLY describes the behavior of modern thots, and the Business world. [Check out "Snakes in Suits" for info about how much more concentrated sociopaths and psychopaths are in positions of power and authority than average. They are very good at playing the game.]

It also essentially calls all the "normal" people mentally ill, and damn near psychopathic. I think this fits in with alot of what we see today, witch-hunting phenomena, in-group bias, etc...

Ultimately this theory is super fascinating and I hope you take the time to give it a read, it's been a great source for me.


[Also, I know many of you out there struggle with depression as do I. Make sure to check out the paragraph on "Autopsychotherapy"]

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