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Update on the girl who cheated on me after 7 years together

January 19, 2020

For those who don't remember my original post (which seems to have vanished from MGTOW reddit now), I dated a Filipina for 7 years. I treated her like a queen and helped with her university work, her job applications etc I got her a job on a wage better than 60% of the UK population. She told me she couldn't have kids, and I stayed with her: I loved every fibre of her and was loyal, wanted to be with her forever and even in our afterlife (if that existed). All the time i'd been with her, she had been a "feeder".

7 years later I'd got fat because all she ever did was encourage me to eat takeaways with me whilst she'd been dieting. I was unattractive to 99.9% of females. Then she did a switcharoo and after getting engaged to her (which included me flying us out to Portugal and asking her to marry me atop a 500 year old church).....she cheated on me.

That was 2017. Fast forward to today, January 19, 2020. I have managed to avoid looking at her social media for 3 years, but today....I couldn't resist. I had to find out what happened. And what I found shocked me to my core. She got married in those 3 years to the guy she cheated on me with, and her kid looks to be around 2-3 years old, which absolutely confirms what I already knew - she had been cheating for some fucking considerable time.

I'm not gonna lie MGTOW - I feel a bit teary eyed. I held back tears, because after the lies (she can't have kids, she'll stay with me FoReVeR, and the cheating), the fact she got married and had a kid with someone else cuts deep.

I'll just put this here for the rest of MGTOW, and any younger guys reading this: nothing is permanent. All those "I love you's" and "i'll be yours forever", it's how they feel at the very second they say it. Hell, they probably don't even mean it in that second. Women monkey-branch. It's in their DNA. You're NEVER enough. You can earn £1,000,000 per day, have the body of a Greek god, own several Bentley's and a mansion, and she'll cheat with the guy who earns £1,500,000 and has 10 Bentleys. She might even cheat with a guy who has fucking nothing because she wants "a bad guy".

Fuck these bitches. I'm going to work on myself. Gym. Education. Job. Let's get it 2020.

EDIT: Just worked out the dates. She left me March, 2017. Had a kid in 2018. She left me because she was pregnant. Fucking bitch whore.

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