Be careful if you happen to glance at YouTube's trending videos. Miley is back with another hot mess of a music video (she's got a great voice -- but is it music?).

I couldn't watch it all. She and her producers are either just producing the sort of claptrap that sells or she really believes she is expressing some sort of empowerment message -- or both. In any event, all I could think is "WHY? You already own the culture. You all already have all the rights you need. Why continue to ram this stuff down my throat?" The stuff she highlights in her video being transsexuals, gays, fat women, greasy, drug-abusing-looking women, vaginas with teeth, nipples rubbing together, pad-wearing vaginas, etc.

Watching part of that video made me reaffirm to myself that I am on the right path (MGTOW). TRULY not my circus, not my monkeys!!!


Adding a link to the video: