Assuming an 8% growth in investments, every $10K you invest now will be worth $100K in thirty years (1.0830 = 10).

In fact, multiplying by 10 is a good way to see what impact frivolous spending now has on your retirement.

The cost of a child is $13K per year, which means every year you have a child you reduce your retirement savings by $130K. Remember this is every year, and you're likely to pay for a child until he or she is 18 (or more).

The average wedding costs $35K, which means if you get married you're expected to reduce your retirement savings by $350K.

The average cost of an engagement ring is $6K. This costs $60K in retirement.

By looking at the x10 rule, it is clear then that the most effective and easiest get-rich-quick scheme that is practically guaranteed to result in early retirement is in fact MGTOW.

Don't date, don't marry, don't have children, live a minimalist lifestyle, invest in diversified index funds, minimize debt, and live off dividends.

Freedom is yours if you choose it.