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Water is wet

September 23, 2019

Discussion: Research finds that women do not prefer "nice" guys; in fact they prefer "bullies" and psychopaths

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Research found that men prefer "nice" women (talkative, cooperative, peaceful, caring, compassionate):


Women like jerks, men like nice girls.


Men prefer nice women, women do not prefer nice men.


Why Do Men Prefer Nice Women? Gender Typicality Mediates the Effect of Responsiveness on Perceived Attractiveness in Initial Acquaintanceships

But research found women do not prefer nice men. In fact, they prefer predatory men (selfish, aggressive, careless, non-talkative):




Manipulative, asympathetic, arrogant bullies have higher numbers of sexual partners and have sex more often.


Bullies have more sex and more sexual partners than non-bullies.


Bullies have more sex and higher self-esteem.


Antisocial bullies get more sex than others. Men who are abusive and manipulative to women get more sex.


Child bullies are sexier, more popular and have more dates than their victims when they grow up.


Women really don’t like nice guys.


Unempathethic, narcissistic criminals are one of women’s first sexual choices.


Women find narcissist assholes more attractive.

Women find more attractive guys who are narcissist and psychopaths.


Science explains why women like narcissist assholes.


Psychopaths are more successful at dating and getting sex.


Why do women fall for bad boys?


In a large forensic hospital, 39% of psychopathic patients had a consensual sexual relationship with female staff members (Gacono et al., 1995)

The malingerers were significantly more likely to have a history of murder or rape, carry a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder or sexual sadism, and produce greater PCL-R factor 1, factor 2, and total scores than insanity acquittees who did not malinger. The malingerers were also significantly more likely to be verbally or physically assaultive, require specialized treatment plans to control their aggression, have sexual relations with female staff.


ADHD is strongly associated with criminal behavior: studies show that at least 25% of prisoners in the United States have been diagnosed with the disorder. ADHD sufferers often exhibit dark triad personality traits.


“In social interaction tasks, Normand et al. (2011) observed that children with ADHD were more insensitive and self-centered when negotiating with friends, and were often more dominant than their typical friends”

A Danish prospective cohort study found that teenage boys (aged 12 - 17) with ADHD were more than two times more likely to father children than their non-mentally ill peers.

Compared with individuals without ADHD, those with ADHD were significantly more likely to become parents at 12 to 16 years of age (IRR for females 3.62, 95% CI 2.14–6.13; IRR for males 2.30, 95% CI 1.27–4.17) and at 17 to 19 years of age (IRR for females 1.94, 95% CI 1.62–2.33; IRR for males 2.27, 95% CI 1.90–2.70).

This is not just because they're less likely to use contraception: adolescents with ADHD actually had nearly twice as many sex partners as normal teens.


Males with ADHD reported their age of first intercourse to be nearly 2 years sooner than TD peers. Irrespective of gender, adolescents with ADHD had nearly double the number of lifetime sexual partners.

ADHD was likely an advantageous trait in pre-Neolithic times. Even though by modern standards, men with ADHD are often impaired in psychosocial, educational and neuropsychological functioning, they may still be favored by sexual selection. https://chadd.org/about-adhd/long-term-outcomes/

The researchers also noted that unpredictable behavior—a hallmark of ADHD—might have been helpful in protecting our ancestors against livestock raids, robberies, and more. After all, would you want to challenge someone if you had no idea what he or she might do? In essence, the traits associated with ADHD make for better hunters-gatherers and worse settlers.

If you have any research indicating the CONTRARY of these studies, please share it. I make compilations.

NOTE: this research REALLY matches what I have seen in real life. Aggressive junkies and bullies in college did amazing with women while calm nerds got nothing. And the fact that the guys were wild and aggressive was... fetishized? Yeah, that's the word.

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