TL;DR --> Girlfriend did porn. a lot

Back ground: 26 y/o senior mechanical engineering student in the states who previously had not had a serious relationship, just flings.

This year despite my views on relationships and women I started dating a girl and things turned serious. Things were good, university for me stayed stable, i enjoyed being with someone who i shared common ideas with on things like family etc, we even talked about long term goals and the idea that this was more than a relationship. Well yesterday night she asked me to grab her phone which had a gmail notification " your account XXX_XXX with chaturbate now has more followers", not sure if I knew exactly what that was or if I was just freaking out I wen't on the computer and did a deep dive of her username / aliases/ dates etc. And I found so much, shes on multiple sites getting railed by dudes and chicks for upwards of 55,000 people viewing live and who knows how many since then. I brought it up and she said that it was " 2 years ago, she needed the money, and it was her darkest secret, etc". I didn't buy any of that and threw her out of my apartment on the spot. Still feels not so cash money guys.