I have done a lot of stupid, stupid shit in order to keep women happy in my life.

Without giving the massive amount of back story, I broke up with my last serious girlfriend a little over a year ago. We had been together for three years and in that time I spent a lot of time, money, energy and focus trying to keep an insatiable person happy.

I broke it off with her in order to focus on my schooling (I am twenty six) and in the interim I hooked up with a few women. Then recently it dawned upon me. Even though I was single and free to do as I pleased, I will still spending a lot of valuable time, energy and money trying to interact with women. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not.

At the end of the day, I realized it wasn't worth it. I could be spending all that time, energy, money and more importantly focus on myself. I have expressed my decision to my friends and my father to cut women out of my life for the foreseeable future, my friends were understanding but my father didn't really seem to understand but he was somewhat supportive.

Regardless, what advice do you all have for a man who has decided to go their own way?