I remember this girl i knew named Jennifer, her and i never really talked much back in middle school, but when we saw each other in the halls we'd say hi and chat for a minute, but that was it. Fast forward some time and i transfer out of that school, hadn't had contact with her for years afterwards. Come highschool which was right around when facebook started really blowing up, i decided to make a facebook and contact some old friends. I see Jennifer and decide to add her, she accepts and we start to catch up. We're having a nice casual conversation which was cool for the time being, no feelings at all. I then find out she has a boyfriend and I'm just like, oh okay that's cool. We continue talking for a few weeks and her and her boyfriend are getting into arguments, mind you we're freshman. They break up, days later get back together and blah blah blah. A week or 2 later and they finally cut it off 100%, mind you i still have no feelings for her. She then starts talking to me hardcore, and i like this change of direction since instead of just a how's it going conversation it's more of a "So today I..." conversation. She starts talking about how i was such a cool person back in middle school and one of few people that didn't bully her or anything(mind you i as well was bullied but i took it because i knew if i did something, i probably would've hurt someone really bad), and i didn't even know she was being bullied at all. I developed a soft spot for her since it was relatable. Fast forward some time and we want to see each other, during this time it's a bit more serious and we're talking kind of like a couple. My mom was just getting comfortable letting me go out alone do i said fuck it. I text her telling her I'm coming over, she then texts me saying that she's going to florida later that day so we had to cancel. I said its fine we'll just hang out when you get back, shes fine with that. Couple days later she tells me that she's actually staying in florida because while they were there, her parents hit her with the whole, "SURPRISE, WE'RE MOVING HERE!" thing. So now she's stuck in Florida. We still continue talking every day almost on the phone like a couple, i felt great knowing that even from afar she still cared(I gotta say that's pretty funny looking back today). Several months later, she gets into a relationship, how was i notified? Well to no surprise, Facebook. At this point I'm 15 and she's 16 now. I noticed that our conversations were very...stale now, not so much talking going on, even minus the relationship talk. Some time later they break up and its whatever, our conversations pick back up. Lil while later we're back to our daily phone calls and skype calls, cool. Some more time later she gets a new boyfriend whom is also a single dad. He was a cool dude, said if i was ever in Florida I'm more than welcome to crash at his place, which i took that offer with a lot of precaution. She was 17 at the time and i was 16 at this point. A few months later after not talking at all she hits me up on Skype, we start video chatting and talking, i show her my new puppy and she loved her. She then tells me about how in a relationship she had prior to this one, she had a miscarriage because of an abusive relationship. I was very upset at that, granted you shouldn't be having kids at that age, i still felt bad. We get off skype, after that we didn't talk for a year. This was in 2014. Fast forward last year, i was 18 and she was 19. One random night while I'm playing video games and talking to some friends(now not even acquaintances) i get a text from a weird area code, it said "Hey, guess where i am", i for some reason just knew it was jennifer, so i responded, "On the road back to jersey?". She responds with "Yep I'm in Georgia right now. I just wanted to see if you still lived here.", at that moment i knew something was wrong. I said, "I never lived in georgia..." in which she replies, "Who is this", to which i replied with my name. She replies with, "Oh i thought you were my friend from georgia, i must have saved you under their name by mistake. That kinda hurt since it led me to believe she probably wouldn't have told me of she even knew that it was me. She tells me we should hang out and I'm just like, sure(being a good little beta). While at work, she calls me and tells me she's at the mall, and i tell her I'll see her shortly after work. My brother and I get there and when i saw her, my entire body went a little numb. She was with her cousin and her cousin's boyfriend at the foot court. I had forgotten how short and skinny she was so it caught my off guard. She dropped everything and gave me the biggest hug i had ever gotten, that's when all those old feelings came back. We walk around the mall talking and stuff, fast forward some time later and it's 9:00, they were gonna take the bus back home but i offered to drop them off home since they lived 5 minutes from me mind you she's staying at her cousin's for the visit. We get to their house and we get out the core, i hug her and tell her i love her and she says it back, i tell her to call me or text me some time later. A week goes by and nothing...not a hi a hello or anything. So like the dumbass i was, i decided to message her instead, the conversation was so fucking stale it was actually annoying. I guess the reason why i put up with this for so long was because she was the only one that gave me a chance. But here i am 19 years old telling you don't be silly young me, i was strung along for literally 5 years. I was lead on, played with, thrown away and all. I look back on this and wish i wouldn't have been such a damn push around.

Bonus Story There was this girl Adrianna that i had known since i was 12, we talked literally every single day. Our friendship was stable(what a joke) and she was cool(the punch line). So during the summer of 2014 she started talking to this guy, Chad(yes his actual name was chad), she was all lovey dovey and shit, she liked him and i was like aight cool. He was in an ultimatum situation, he could continue talking to his ex, or make something happen with Adrianna. He goes with Adrianna and they kick off. She's being delusional talking about how they'll be together forever and all this shit. We stop talking as much(not surprising), so i probably should've realized to stop fucking with chicks right then and here because a few months prior is when jennifer stopped talking to me after getting into a relationship. Fast forward to October, I'm just now leaving comic con with my brother and 2 friends, we go to taco bell and im on my phone. Adri posts a picture on Instagram and this guy commented, "Wow, you're really gorgeous", chad saw the comment and replied to that guy saying, "Wow, really dude, are you serious". I reply to his comment saying, "Something wrong with giving a girl a compliment(today i know all of the faults of it now). She removes the comment. Whatever. A few days later while I'm trying to message her on fb, i can't find her. I asked my cousin if shes on his friends list still and he said yes. So she blocked me. I text her asking if she blocked me, and if she did then it's okay just why? She starts denying it and then she's like, "Oh shit Facebook just text me". Why the fuck would they text you about someone you blocked? And why at such a coincident time when i bring it up they text you? Shes like i don't have to believe her but she didn't block me. At the time i was using google voice, so messages sometimes didn't notify me so i didn't see that until days later. I reply to her telling her i forgot to reply to the message because my phone never notified me. She replies, "Don't talk to me ever again, don't text me anymore, and chad hates you". I told her the fuck off, told her the relationship ain't gonna last, shes fucking delusional and her friends will she how fake she is. Fast forward last year, I'm getting ready for work, just about to step out and i get a facebook notification...a friend request from Adrianna, LOL. She messaged me and was like, "i saw you were on facebook still so i decided to add you lol". I told her, " yea i tried to search for you but couldn't find you(bringing up the fact that she blocked me) shes like, "Really, that's weird". I had also discovered that her and Chad broke up and she has a new beta toy now, ROFL.

Sorry for the giant post, but i just had to share it with the bros that have had similar experiences.