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What are your goals in life?

April 18, 2016

I'm a 26 year old hopefully about to start his career in software. Until now i've pretty much pissed around and had fun in life to the extent i can. Just playing in bands, pursuing my creative passions, but i've had more than enough shortcomings and problems in my life, as does everyone.

Started my fitness journey, hopefully in a few years my health will have improved substantially from what it is right now. I've never had any experiences with women and after a shitty experience last year that led me to swallowing the pill, i've been wondering what in life i want to live for and what i want to achieve. Maybe its a a mix of low testosterone and low self esteem but i don't seem to have any interest in pursuing women at all, not even for casual sex. I went and lost my virginity to an escort this year and went back once more. It was fun but i cant say it was really a big deal at all. I honestly feel better about myself and life when i'm on nofap. I don't have any urges or anything.

I used to want to have sex and experience that world but i just seem to have lost interest in all of it.

I'm wondering what are MGTOW's goals in life. To make a lot of money? And then do what? Travel the world? Retire early? What are your collective passions?

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