Never get married. You have spent your entire life building to a point where you can support yourself comfortably, whether that is through education, hard work or building a career. Sharing your hard earned resources with someone who cannot provide an equal amount in return is neither prudent nor beneficial. Women will not bring anything to the table. They are unlikely to have any savings and they are highly unlikely to not have debt. If you marry this becomes your debt, your savings are now hers and this does not change should your marriage end, regardless of her ability to earn money for herself. This also applies to long term relationships.

Avoid “helping” women at all costs. If there is no reward (and I don’t mean sex) then what have you to gain? Don’t offer to help with study, don’t cover her work, don’t give her the answer, don’t hold doors, don’t walk them home, don’t allow them to go first and most importantly DO NOT PAY. This will be hard for some at first because we have been socially conditioned to act this way. If you ignore the fact that this person has a vagina and see them as just some random guy, ask yourself would you do any of these things? Sure, I might hold the door for someone but if they’re more than 15 feet behind or it’s not raining, then forget it. The rest is a privilege they have not earned.

Do not cohabitate with women. You deserve more than a “man cave”. Male spaces are elusive at best in the modern world and the only way you can guarantee a space free from interference and freedom to unwind, is a place where you can set the rules. This means either living alone or with a trusted, likeminded male friend. Many men will have lived in shared accommodation. Do you remember how frustrating it is when people don’t pay their fare share of bills? Imagine doing that for one person for the rest of your life… Because, you will pay. She, will never pay. She will only spend money on useless crap like pillows, ornaments, “beauty” products, endless new clothes and countless other useless stuff to show off to other women about how good she has it. Just go look at Facebook or Instagram and you will slowly realise it is just a catalogue of stuff from vacuous “look at me” parasites.

Don’t put up with any genderised bullshit. This goes for both genders but mostly from women. If a woman, whether a colleague, a family member or even friend, starts on an “all men are this” or incapable of something purely by virtue of being male, then end the conversation. Women want your attention, whether by validation or in disagreement. By not giving either to them you show them that their behaviour won’t be tolerated. And by this I mean, just do something else. Just move on. Start a different conversation with someone else or better still just take your phone out and scroll Reddit until she goes away. Women need to belittle in order to elevate themselves. You only need to listen to them speak about other women to know how awful they truly are, never mind men. If you don’t do this, you will just end up feeling shitty about yourself and people in general.

Quit social media. Facebook, even Twitter, are surveillance and control of the worst kind. By engaging with it you validate the worst aspects of our current culture. It allows women to literally spy on you. Ask yourself why there needs to be a function to check in, why you need to put up your relationship status, where you work and your job description, where you live, why it is not ok to be anonymous, why you have to detail everything that you “like” under the sun, why you must constantly update your status with a progressive series of achievements. What do you gain from it? What do women gain from it?

Turn off the TV. I mean mass media in general but television is the worst. It will only perpetuate the worst stereotypes of men and what is expected of us to be. Be selective in what you consume and be brave enough to recognise when you are being marginalised. You don't have to take it and the power is in the off switch.

Learn life skills. The best thing I ever did was learn to cook. Not only will it help you save money but it is incredibly rewarding (it is also a male dominated profession if that is something you’re looking for). Have confidence to fix things and don’t fear not knowing how to do something. The internet for all its flaws is a wonderful resource for learning skills. Even something as simple as unblocking a pipe will give you satisfaction and the confidence to know how to fix it again in the future. Even better, learn from your male friends. Men love to share knowledge and to receive recognition from a truly grateful person in return. A cold beer and pizza go a long way.

Save. I know it can be difficult at first to put money aside but you really need to have a backup should the shit hit the fan. I did this by living within my means on a modest income and as I progressed through promotion or pay-rises, I managed to put some away. To be honest if the interest rates are terrible, it is just as easy to not spend it and leave it in the bank. Having the ability to not worry about money/paying bills will give you a sense of stability but don’t get complacent.

Reward yourself. Saving is all well and good but you can’t take your money with you when you shuffle off this mortal coil. If you can afford to do something, go somewhere, buy a car, or anything that will make happy, do it. Sometimes rewarding yourself isn’t just about spending money but allowing yourself to do nothing. If you have worked hard all week then spend the weekend playing computer games if that’s what you really want to do. There is no shame in enjoying yourself.

Abstinence. As you get older the lure of vagina dissipates. Don’t allow sex, or the desire for it, to control your life. Be brutal in your assessment of its value and effort versus reward. Sex is by far the easiest way for a woman to control you and modify your behaviour.

Following on, don’t have kids. Always, always, wear a condom (especially as women will lie about how many partners they have had and with this comes the increasing likelihood of a STI/STD). Women will use children as leverage to extort time, money and other resources from you. Deny them this at all costs. Do not leave your used condom unattended and make sure it is disposed of or take it with you. It might sound crazy but women will “sperm-jack” you if that is their intention. Always ask for a paternity test if she says it’s your kid. ALWAYS.

All women lie. Abut everything. End of.

Ignore the tears. Men are constantly regarded as the least empathetic but women only have to tear up and men come flocking with sympathy. It is a tactic 99% of the time to monopolise your attention or to “win”. It is a childish and deceitful ploy and should be treated with the disdain it deserves.

Ignore the shamers. What it boils down to is that they are jealous. You have freedom and they resent that. Women hate that you can’t be controlled or that they can’t have your resources. Men hate that they made poor decisions. Their “club” is boring AF and is just existing, not LIVING. Remember that you are FREE.

Be angry, but don’t let it become all consuming. Hate won’t make you become the man you want to be.