I was born in '83 in former Soviet satellite state. I still remember it. The culture was... different back then. We didn't have facebook or computers. We had to go and play soccer for entertainment. Our heroes weren't Justin Biebers, they were Rambo and Conan (no, not the faggoty one we’re having today). Chinlines got reinforced with friendly punches. Parents dropped their kids to summerhouses in June and kids spent 2 months hiking in woods. No political correctness except when talking about the Government. We had steady diet of potatoes, sauerkraut and meat as opposed to soda and donuts.

Men were rougher back then.

But now we are growing complacent. No great threat, no danger in everyday life. 'Don't drive the motorcycle because it's dangerous.' License is needed for everything (especially for britbongs). We are afraid to offend people and spend time thinking what others think of us. Everything is so... sterile. And men are no longer men.

Now, ask yourself: "Would we have that cancerous behaviour from women if all men were like men were 30 years ago?"

I don't think so. Women behave like they are because we allow them. We actually listen to their BS and nod our heads. Simps send them money for them just being women. We allow them to business and give them massive advantage. Whoever dares to criticize them gets sacked. And this keeps happening as long as we allow ourselves to be emasculated.

Maybe it's time to assert our claim to this world once again and start disregarding what lesser beings think of us. Maybe it’s time to become men again. We owe it to ourselves.

UPDATE: Okay, people. I think you're missing the point. We have to become men for ourselves. Pursue power, strength and start disregarding what women want. When we put focus on ourselves, women lose all their power over us. But if we become emasculated then we start looking around and worrying what others (including women) think of us.