So I just got out of a relationship, left me pretty heartbroken. She dumped out of nowhere, I thought the relationship was amazing, I never did anything wrong to her or whatever, finds out she left me for someone else it seems like. Anyway that’s in the past, and I’m moving on, I got goals and ambitions, I knew women were mostly all the same, but the hopeless romantic in me wanted to give it a shot just to see if I could find the one, trust me you’ll never find her, she’ll find you. I’ve always wanted kids, but marriage is scary, and I don’t want to get divorced rape, and have to pay way more then I need to, to raise a kid. Any suggestions on how to achieve that? I would adopt but I kind of want my own blood lol I’m almost 19, and I don’t want kids now, I rather get a good financial situation set up first. Thank you guys, I’ve learned a lot from lurking this sub, I hope one day every guy can come here and be exposed to the harsh reality of things that destroy us.