I am a very weird person and for some reason, while I have had really good sex in life, I decided I wouldn't go great lengths to obtain it. I enjoy other things in life more. Don't get me wrong, sex is good, but is truly overrated. I enjoy much more a games or movies night with friends, learning and reading, etc.

However, until some years ago I believed in true love and I spent almost a decade in relationships. It was these relations that made me doubt if women could ever love a man, and then I found The Red Pill theory and then MGTOW.

Since then, I lost the only thing I had left that would keep me attached to a LTR, the belief in love or in the one. Now I am a free man.

Now, there is a catch; I eat correctly and lift, so I am in a good shape and keep myself at my best to keep attracting women. Why I do this? I really don't know. I am not interested in sex, I am not interested in relationships, but I love being desired, I love having women after me. Recently, thanks to MGTOW (sandman videos), I have noticed that I usually exploit women in similar ways they exploit men (by asking them favors - home rides, money, free passes to whatever places, etc.) while sending mixed signals (it can go from showing appreciation of a woman over others so that she feels special, sporadic fondling, and make them feel good every time things go my way). Your looks count a lot, if I didn't lift and dress right (I do ask for feminine opinions when I get new clothing, i.e. they help me trapping them) I wouldn't be able to do any of this, when I was fat and not that confident this was impossible.

Sometimes it is difficult not to feel like a bad person doing this (and I don't go as far as many women out there), but when that happens I skim through MGTOW reports, making me feel better.

Do any of you guys take any advantage on women's attraction/interest on you?