For me, it was reading about a very tragic story. Makes me tear up thinking about it.

An awkward teen boy, still young and at school, just does whatever, minds his own business. Then some (egotistical 'cool') girl from the same school accuses him of raping her. This boy has probably never spoken to the girl, apart from her bullying him and insulting him.

After she accused him of raping her, he got picked on even more. He received death threats. He lost his friends. He struggled to find a job, because the incident was on the news, and everyone knew who he was and what he'd (supposedly) done.

The boy was already depressed, as many teenagers are, and this made it a million times worse for the poor kid.

The girl eventually admitted to making up the rape. But the boy still faced bullying for it, and still struggled with everything else.

Sounds shitty enough, right? It gets much worse... The boy eventually killed himself. He couldn't take any more. A few weeks later, grief stricken, his mum, who had been incredibly depressed, also committed suicide.

All of this, and guess what? The girl was not charged. Her identity was not even revealed to the public. We still don't know who she is.

Sorry for the weird formatting and wording, I'm on mobile and am very tired. Rereading, it looks like some weird fake story that some idiot came up with on the spot. But I can assure you, it's very real.

Anyway, what was your MGTOW moment? You have all probably had thousands, I know I have. But which one(s) sticked out the most?