You know, if women really were only looking for a good provider, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I mean, in most cultures it seems that part of what men are expected to provide is security for their wife and family.

The problem comes from the fact that most women are stuck in such a negative vibe. They don’t want a nice home, financial security and the best for themselves and their children. What they want is to exploit a man for cash while they screw around with drug dealers. They don’t respect themselves and they certainly don’t respect the provider…….which is why men avoid marriage.

I guess what I am saying is the problem is NOT a misunderstanding of the roles between men and women, miscommunications, needs not being met, whatever (despite what tons of closet homos, like Dr Phil would have you believe). The problem is the quality of the character of the average woman is very, very low.

One, you have no control over that. They will NEVER change, no matter what you do, unless they decide on their own to change for their own reasons (realistically, that just doesn’t happen). The only thing you can do is switch women constantly, making sure each new woman has a character that is better and better. But, since noble character is soooooo rare, it is the quality that gives a woman the most status. In other words, a good woman can demand any type of partner she chooses and get it. Unless you have worked your way up the status ladder, she has no reason to give you the time of day. Much less so than say, a penthouse pet would or an rich heiress like Paris Hilton would.

But two, you have to make damn sure you have the lions share of the power in any relationships you have. Why? Because you will have to constantly control negative behavior from those you are involved with. If you can’t or won’t, it will rapidly escalate into severe abuse. If you allow it to become very advanced, it will result in a marriage, plus kids, and then divorce, personal ruin and despair.

It’s sad to say but you cannot solve this problem by being sane, loving, and nurturing in a relationship. Although that is nice, it is irrelevant. What matters is the amount of power and choice you have. Both niceguys and evil men are harmed by women when they haven’t cultivated power in relationships. And both niceguys and evil men can have success with women, but only if they cultivate power and choice instead of love with women. The difference is the niceguy does it in a positive way. He says says no to all requests and refuses monogamous relationships. Although he cares about women, he is completely detached. The evil man, slaps a woman down when she “gets out of line” and laughs in her face whenever she expresses a desire or need. Everything out of his mouth is a lie or a putdown.

What is horrible is women cannot tell the difference between benevolent detachment and callous indifference. They are both equally attractive to them.