Teal Deer and Stardusk had a conversation had a discussion where they asked an important question to mgtow: what could society do to interest us in having relationships with women again. The video, which is quite long, is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVcGEYfdiW4

For me, the answer is nothing. Let's take marriage for example. Anyone who entered a contract before no fault divorce had their contract forcibly changed on them. It does not matter what laws get changed in our favor, they could easily get overturned or even made worse. This negative view of the justice system is backed up by knowing the gynocentric society we live in is largely biologically driven.

Additionally, female nature will not change in our lifetimes. Hypergamy means women will leave, or at the very least want to, the minute they have a better option. Any kind of long term partnership with someone knowing this does not seem possible.

Lastly, and personally for me, I'm in my late 30s. The cost benefit analysis is simple for me, as the benefit has waned with age.

Still, I think the question is a fair one to ask: What, if anything, would it take?