In the last two weeks in the company office there's a "heavy atmosphere" after I have refused a date with a co-worker (and had a conversation with her about focusing at work and keeping our relationship as co-workers).

Her friend there is a cleaning woman who I talk to her rarely and it's almost work related or small talk by the coffee machine. I presume my co-worker said something related to what happened to that cleaning woman because today when I was reaching to my computer to print some stuff, out of the blue she says "you need to have love in your life" and "you need a reason to fight for in life"

Even before I think of an answer, was "why?" Why this? I didn't considered shaming language.

I didn't answered right away because I was focused in other thoughts. A minute after I said to her that I fight everyday for the preservation of self love.

And then she replied... "you'll be alone when you get old"

WHY?? why this? What she expect with this??