There is a lot of great content on this sub. I've enjoyed being a part of it for the past several months.

I was recently banned for no apparent reason nor given any kind of an explanation. I said nothing controversial, didn't

get into it with anyone, don't recall pissing anyone off, just logged in one day and was informed I was banned.

I asked for an explanation and none was given.

I've been participating on MGTOW forums since 2006 (probably long before the mod with the trigger finger has even known about MGTOW) and have never been banned from a forum until now.

It's nothing more than an abuse of power, and I doubt I'm the only one who has experienced this. Figure the mods of this sub, of all places, would be above that petty ego-driven power tripping nonsense.

There are instances where it's necessary to ban people. This wasn't one of them. I'm sure I'll get banned again and this thread will likely be deleted. Before that happens, I'd like to make a suggestion.

How about we leave the censorship and power tripping to the SJW's?

So much for freedom of speech!