So, im 18 i work a part-time job and we get this new girl in. She is annoying, fat and has a crush on me. Every time we have a lunch she follows me around like a psycho. Other cooworkers tought it was cute and encouraged her to get me. She was always looking at me and stuff. Now shit popped of last week when she said to me if i wanted to go out with her. I declined. She begged , i didn't respond. When we were having lunch with coworkers she started crying and said that i rejected her. Now white-knights were started going at me like what is wrong with me,she is a sweet girl and so on. They nagged the whole lunch and i just went off and said i don't want a land-whale . Next thing they get mad at me start calling me arrogant and shallow. One dude even told me he is going to make me pay. I had enough so i went to the boss, who is red-pilled and he told everyone to fuck off or they get fired. I get mad even thinking about this so i had to get it off my chest.

How she looks and how i look.

Thanks for reading brothers. Sorry for bad english, I'm from Europe.