I work in IT. Good 40% of the company are women. One observation I have is that the programmers, BIs, BAs, PMs, are very good at what they do. The one revelation is almost all of the said positions are filled by non white women. In fact most of the women we employ are not even born in Canada. Mot of them are immigrants with citizenship and landed immigrants with visas/residency. We do have white women but they usually do administrative tasks.

Its not that women can't be computer programmers, BIs, BAs, PMs, its that White women are mostly incapable of those positions. I don't think they are dumb, I think they are biased and lazy because they don't want to; 1. Be associated with Geeky work. 2. Are not hard workers. 3. They simply choose easier jobs.

I had white women tell me that they should make jobs for them.. Yeah.. Invent jobs so they can work in their 60's because you know Macdonalds and Wallmart greeter is beneath them.